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Does it accept input from a user?

Did you know Web Updating is a convenient and secure way to manage your directory listings?
Direct dialer systems have a handset and/or speaker phone and a modem so users can call the person they looked up.
Is there is a handset or speakerphone and a button to call the party you looked up?

Has Maps?

We manufacture and sell stock and bespoke enclosures as well as systems designed to fit architectural installations. Some existing installations are using unavailable components and require retrofitting with current parts.

No matter what size, type, or how many displays required, we do it all!

How is touch connected?

Overlays add touch capability to regular displays. They are mostly found on screens larger than 32", but some older systems can be any size. If you aren't sure, request a photo of the back of the monitor and back of the CPU.
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